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BSC is a Club for those who enjoy racing dinghies, but this is not all that goes on.  The Social side of the club includes all who have previously sailed, those whose partners sail, those who enjoy watching people sail, and those who support sailing.  In fact it is a club for everyone who enjoys the good company of others.

As a members club, all the ‘work’ is done by members who volunteer their services.  Specialist skills may be required to teach or coach, but there are many ways to Get Involved that many may have.

To make the sailing work needs people to man the ‘Patrol Boat’.  Driving the boat and laying the racing marks can be fun and are skills that can be acquired by involvement with a more experienced member.

The ‘magic’ of the Squarehead where the races are controlled is not that magic, it is an easy way to help, and like all things,  gets easier with practice.

Working behind the bar is a super way of getting to know people, as is helping out in the kitchen when lunches are needed or other Social activities happens.

How do I get involved, look at the Club Roster, and fill in your name where there is a gap.  No-one will say that there are too many volunteers, space will always be made for willing hands.

The Roster can be found in the members area, you will be asked to sign in. You will have been sent a Welcome email from DutyMan with your login details.

Tide Times

05 October 2023

Time Type Height
04:03 high 4.14m
10:41 low 0.93m
16:28 high 4.27m
22:52 low 1.17m

06 October 2023

Time Type Height
04:43 high 3.91m
11:27 low 1.14m
17:20 high 3.96m
23:41 low 1.49m

07 October 2023

Time Type Height
05:38 high 3.65m
12:31 low 1.35m
18:30 high 3.65m

08 October 2023

Time Type Height
00:57 low 1.78m

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