These are the architects drawings for the loft conversion, which we are hoping to get completed during the closed season 2018 / 2019. The drawing shows two cubicles, we are planning on keeping with the one.

This project is due to start straight after the sailing season, to ensure ready for next season.

Amended Plans

Tide Times

16 October 2021

Time Type Height
03:35 low 1.44m
09:24 high 3.85m
16:22 low 0.85m
22:16 high 4.23m

17 October 2021

Time Type Height
04:45 low 1.24m
10:31 high 4.1m
17:25 low 0.63m
23:11 high 4.42m

18 October 2021

Time Type Height
05:36 low 1.07m
11:21 high 4.29m
18:13 low 0.52m
23:55 high 4.49m

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