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To be completed by members only, please complete one form per person.


Single person first course                         £60 (subsequent course £40)

Family 2 persons first course                  £100 (subsequent course £70)

Family 3 persons or more first course  £130 (subsequent course £100)

On completion of your form you'll receive an email giving details of how to make payment.

Please provide details of any medical condition(s), allergies or current medication - if there are none please state 'none'.

NB. The disclosure of any medical condition(s) will not necessarily restrict access to the course, but please contact the Principal or Chief Instructor to see how we can cater for your needs.

By ticking this box I declare that to the best of my knowledge I am not suffering from epilepsy, giddy spells, disability, asthma, angina or other heart condition and I am fit to participate on the course.

By booking a course I agree to abide by the Rules and Bye Laws of Broadstairs Sailing Club and additional Covid Restriction's and to my personal information being stored for the duration of our membership and for a period of one year following resignation from the Club.

Club Rules


Covid Guidelines

From time to time members may be filmed (photographic and/or video images). I agree to any such images being included in newsletters, presentations and publicity material.